Equine World Stem Cell Summit

December 7-9, 2016 West Palm Beach


Join us to accelerate regenerative technologies that are revolutionizing equine veterinary medicine,
while providing invaluable guidance for human applications


The Inaugural Equine World Stem Cell Summit will run December 7-9 as a three-day dedicated showcase track of the World Stem Cell Summit

Why Attend

In 2016 for the first time, the World Stem Cell Summit will integrate equine stakeholders into the global regenerative medical community, and the entire World Stem Cell Summit audience will have the opportunity to learn more about the economic impact of the equine community and its impact on veterinary medicine and human health.

By providing a platform for the equine communities to interact with the leading researchers, the Equine World Stem Cell Summit brings together the equine community with the broader regenerative medicine community in order to advance research, accelerate delivery cures for horse health, and empower riders, owners, veterinarians, trainers, and all those within the equine industry.

Learn about the latest scientific breakthroughs.

 Connect with the world’s top scientists, thought leaders, decision makers, investors, and influencers

Break the silos: forge collaborations and relationships across disciplines

Stay on the cutting edge of hot topics and future trends

Be a part of a world-class event


Who will be there?

Riders, owners, veterinarians, trainers, and all those within the equine industry,
plus the entire Regenerative Medicine ecosystem in a single meeting!

The World Stem Cell Summit has a focus on translation and commercialization,
attracting all stakeholders in the regenerative medicine universe.


No other meeting brings together  leading scientists and clinicians, investors,
customers, legal experts, funders, regulators, and patients.



Equine Track Program


Cell Manufacturing
Translation & Clinical Trials
Regenerative Medicine in the Clinic
Equine Regenerative Medicine

RegMed Capital Conference
Ethics, Law, Regulation & Society
Hot Topics & Future Trends


Plenary keynotes
Expert Roundtable Luncheons
5th Annual Japan Symposium

Country updates
Public Education Day
Company presentations

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