CAREstream America

CAREstream America is a division of CAREstream Medical Ltd, which has been serving Canadian customer’s respiratory and anesthesia needs for over 15 years. CAREstream America began in 2013 and is the premier distributor of Aesthetic products carrying human med, Christie Medical and CMI ~ ranging from water-jet assisted technology to vascular access imaging to nitrous oxide analgesia ~help shape the body, highlight the veins and relieve the pain and anxiety of aesthetic procedures.  With our Gentec & Westmed product lines we offer a variety of medical products for patient care from suction products, adaptors, flowmeters, regulators to anesthesia, respiratory and critical care. Between our customer service and regional sales representatives, we service North America. We have extensive knowledge on our products to provide you with quick and accurate information on the items we carry that you require. Call us for a quote today at 855-892-3872