Panasonic Healthcare Corporation of North America is headquartered in Wood Dale, IL with a regional office in Newark, NJ. With expertise in a wide range of health and medical device technologies and solutions, Panasonic Healthcare provides cutting-edge laboratory and related equipment for pharmaceutical, life science and biotechnology applications. A powerhouse in the design and application of digital injector technology and cell processing work stations, Panasonic Healthcare is always looking for global partners who can apply the latest technology to clinical care and drug delivery. A respected brand in the field of sample preservation, the ultra-low Twin Guard® freezer leads the industry in reliability, as it incorporates a unique dual compressor design that helps reduce power consumption, but in an emergency acts as a single backup system to protect valuable research samples. The LabAlert™ lab monitoring system, state-of-the-art electronics, freezers, refrigerators and incubators demonstrate Panasonic Healthcare’s commitment to providing researchers and healthcare professionals with resources to support the slogan: Discovery Powered by Precision™.