Rhoto Pharmaceutical

Now, Rohto is tackling new challenges under the slogan, "Never Say Never". The literal meaning is "nothing is impossible", but it is never intended to mean "work hard with a gutsy attitude". This declaration is about finding the resolve to face up to difficulties for the future happiness of others. Our challenge is to aim for "healthy life". Everybody wishes for "good health" and it is a source of happiness. Rohto defines "health" as being more that the avoidance of illness. Being healthy oneself leads to one’s family being healthy, and by extension, this radiance of health outspreads into society at large. We consider "health" as not just being about mental and physical aspects, but also contributing to society. Our new challenge to "support society, and maintain global health for the future" has just begun. We would like to thank you most sincerely for your continued support. http://www.rohto.co.jp/global/