Scinomix, founded in 2001, is a small business that provides laboratory automation solutions to customers in the Life Science Industry. The initial creation of the company is rooted in our passion to create customized solutions for labs which over the last 12 years, evolved into a standard product line that can be configured to meet individual customer needs. Currently, we meet a strong niche-market need for labeling tubes, vials and plates in many life science applications. Over the past two years we have experienced extensive growth and are excited to be expanding our brand through distributors in BeNeLux, France, Spain, and Scandinavia. We strive to be a leading provider in our field by committing to quality, reliability, value, and customer service. We strongly value each of our customers, and exceeding customer expectations is the motivation that drives our business. Our plans to continually improve quality and offer innovative solutions play a huge role in our vision for the future. Innovations In addition to our automated vial and microplate labeling product line, we have provided custom solutions for a variety of applications. The most common are cell biology and liquid handling. In cell biology, we have developed customized machines for cell growth, cell lysis, and cell harvesting. In liquid handling, we have developed customized systems for media filling machines (agar, diet, etc.), petri dishes, microplates, tubes/vials, excipient mixer, and high throughput filling.