StemBioSys, Inc. based in San Antonio, Texas, is a privately-held biomedical company focused on enhancing the growth and delivery of adult stem cells for research, therapeutic or drug discovery applications. Its patented and proprietary technology platforms – licensed from the UT Systems– overcome key obstacles to creating clinically useful stem cell therapies. The centerpiece of these enabling technologies is the HPMETM (High Performance Micro Environment) platform. This cell derived 3-dimensional microenvironment allows a variety of stem cells to replicate more rapidly, maintain a small cell size and express markers indicative of retained stem cell potency beyond that seen with traditional tissue culture substrates. This disruptive technology is positioned to transform and improve the methods and cost of growing and delivering various stem cell populations for applications in research, therapeutic and drug discovery. Earlier this year we launched our first product directed to the stem cell research market, BM – HPME™.