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Now in its 12th year, the World Stem Cell Summit brings scientists, clinicians, companies and patient advocates from around the world to share medical breakthroughs that were once thought impossible.

The World Stem Cell Summit is interdisciplinary and provides a complete 360 view of the stem cell field, which makes it an ideal one-stop-shop event for health, science, biotech and business reporters to gain insights from the world’s top leaders and pioneers.

The Summit is produced by the nonprofit Regenerative Medicine Foundation.  Your reporting helps us further our mission to accelerate regenerative medicine to improve health and deliver cures.

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Event Snapshot

Tuesday 12/6: World Stem Cell Summit Public Education Day
Where: Palm Beach County Convention Center at 650 Okeechobee Boulevard West Palm Beach, FL 33401
When: 8:30am – 5:00pm
What: A full day of stem cell education designed for patients, doctors, the general public and students. Price for the day is $30 for general admission. Free admission for students. Learn how stem cell scientists conduct research in space; meet an astronaut; enjoy dazzling art created by youth inspired by cell biology; and discover anti-aging technologies, possible cures for macular degeneration, insights into clinical trials, rescuing species from extinction with stem cell technology, and more!
Agenda, Speakers and Details:
Tuesday-Friday, 12/6-12/9: World Stem Cell Summit, including RegMed Capital Conference and Equine World Stem Cell Summit
Where: Palm Beach County Convention Center at 650 Okeechobee Boulevard West Palm Beach, FL 33401
When: Daily schedule varies
What: Celebrating its 12th year, the 2016 World Stem Cell Summit (#wscs16) brings scientists, clinicians, philanthropists, investors and patient advocates from more than 30 countries to share breakthroughs that were once thought impossible. The Summit meets to accelerate the discovery and development of lifesaving cures and therapies.
Agenda, Speakers and Details:

Coverage Notes

This is an ideal event for health, science, biotech and business reporters to interview the world’s stem cell leaders and pioneers. Some interviews may be able to be scheduled in advance of the Summit.

Science & Health: Does your audience know that: Stem cell research is being conducted in space? Your extra fat cells might be used to cure diseases? We can potentially grow new functional organs? Stem cell scientists attending the Summit are creating new treatments for the regeneration of tissues, organs and spinal cords; cancer; diabetes; neurological diseases; and heart disease?
Family and Parenting: Cord blood pamphlets are in every OB/GYN office, and more and more new parents are spending thousands of dollars to store their baby’s cord blood. Hear from company executives and the scientists working on new breakthroughs for cord blood and birthing tissue.
Health and Beauty: What’s available in the “here and now” to improve health? Can stem cells be used to thwart the aging process, rejuvenate the human body and allow a longer life span? Some world-renowned scientists believe the answer is yes.
Business/Technology: Regenerative medicine, cell & gene therapies and immuno-oncolgy represent a multi-billion dollar industry with unlimited potential. RegMed Capital Conference, a co-located conference that is integrated into WSCS will present more than a dozen cutting-edge company presentations and case studies. Where are the world’s venture capitalists investing? Which companies are driving new technology and solutions for the industry? How is this technology transforming the pharmaceutical industry? Angel networks, venture firms, investment banks, family offices, financial gurus and impact investors will all be there.
Public Policy: How will the Trump administration impact stem cell research? Will Congress mandate an accelerated pathway for cell therapies? Hear directly from current FDA and NIH leadership.
Stories of Hope: In addition to scientists and business leaders, many patient advocates seeking cures and new treatments attend the summit and participate in panels. The Stem Cell Action Awards (Wednesday, 12/7, 7:30pm) honor philanthropists and inspirational leaders in the field. Hear compelling stories of sight restored to the blind and alleviation of symptoms of neurological disorders.
Consumer Protection: Will the FDA crack down on stem cell clinics? What are the risks to patients seeking miracle cures? There are 500 clinics offering cell therapies in the U.S. — what are the implications for patients?
Equine: With the Summit located in the epicenter of equine-centered cell therapy, experts in the field will address how the industry is impacting the multi-billion dollar horse industry. Learn how breakthrough equine research has major implications for human health.
About Regenerative Medicine Foundation
The World Stem Cell Summit is a project of the nonprofit Regenerative Medicine Foundation. Since 2003, Regenerative Medicine Foundation and its predecessor Genetics Policy Institute have built the strongest, most comprehensive and trusted global network of Regenerative Medicine stakeholders, uniting the world’s leading researchers, medical centers, universities, labs, businesses, funders, policymakers, experts in law, regulation and ethics, medical philanthropies and patient organizations. Our mission is to accelerate regenerative medicine to improve health and deliver cures. We are committed to the ethical advancement of innovative medicine powered by regenerative, restorative, and curative technologies. Learn more at

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