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WSCS Conversations with Experts and Lunch Table Discussions

January 25, 2018 1:15 pm - 2:15 pm

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Takashi Asada, PhD
Arnold Caplan, PhD
Aubrey de Grey, PhD
Darcy L. DiFede, RN, BSN, FAH
Alan Heldman, MD
Jeanne F. Loring, PhD
Graham Parker, PhD
Amnon Pelz
Ernesto Algaba Reyes
Jim Reid
Marion “Joe” Riggs, PhD
Adrienne Shapiro

Lunch Table Discussions and Conversations with Experts is an open networking event that is focused on all aspects of stem cells and regenerative medicine, including science, business, policy, ethics, education, advocacy and commercialization strategies. This buffet luncheon is one of the Summit’s most popular and personal networking events. Fill your plate. Find your table. First come. First served.

Conversations with Experts at WSCS
WSCS Lunch Table Discussions
Table discussions focused on all aspects of stem cells and regenerative medicine, including:
  • Science
  • Business
  • Policy
  • Ethics
  • Education
  • Advocacy
  • Commercialization Strategies

This is one of the Summit’s most popular and personal networking events.

Table 1 “MSC’s Then, Now and Tomorrow”
Hosted by: Arnold I. Caplan, PhD, Case Western
Arnold I. Caplan, PhD
TABLE 2 “Hybrid Cord Blood Banks- Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds!”
Hosted by: Amnon Pelz, CEO, Taburit Cord Blood (Israel)
Amnon Pelz
TABLE 3 “The Challenges of Contamination Assessment in iPSC Derived Cell Therapy Products”
Hosted by: Jim Reid, Chairman & CEO, Sistemic Limited (Scotland)
Jim Reid

TABLE 4 “Comprehensive medical rejuvenation: an industry being born today”

Hosted by: Aubrey de Grey, PhD, CSO, SENS Foundation


Aubrey De Grey


TABLE 5 “Improving patients outcomes in quality of life from aging frailty to cardiovascular disease through FDA regulated clinical trials”

Hosted by: Darcy Lynne DiFede, RN, BSN, FAHA


Darcy L. Difede


TABLE 6 “The Mexican Landscape – Regulatory, Research and Clinical”

Hosted by: Ernesto Algaba Reyes, Partner, Hogan Lovells (Mexico City)


Ernesto Algaba Reyes


TABLE 7 “Medical devices for stem cell therapies”

Hosted by: Alan Heldman, MD, Founder and CEO, Vestion, Inc.


Alan Heldman, MD


TABLE 8 “Human iPSCs and the FDA”

Hosted by: Jeanne F. Loring, PhD, Scripps Research Institute


Jeanne F. Loring, PhD


TABLE 9 “Getting Published!”

Hosted by: Graham C. Parker, PhD, Editor-in-Chief, Stem Cells and Development


Graham C. Parker, PhD


TABLE 10 “Successes and Challenges in Using Patient-Derived Stem Cell Methods for Studying Mental Illness and Addiction”

Hosted by: Joe Riggs, Ph.D., Student Society for Stem Cell Research- International, Founder and Director


Joe Riggs, PhD


TABLE 11 “Global Open Innovation, Chance to meet Japanese RM Specialists for future collaboration”

Hosted by: Professor Takashi Asada, Institute for Frontier Medical Sciences, Kyoto University


Takashi Asada, PhD


TABLE 12 “Commercial and Research Collaborations with Mayo Clinic”

Hosted by: Physician Leaders of Mayo Clinic


Mayo Clinic


TABLE 131 “Becoming an effective advocate”

Hosted by: Adrienne Bell-Cors Shapiro, 2018 Stem Cell Action Award “Inspiration” honoree


Adrienne Bell-Cors Shapiro



  • Dr. Keith March
  • and others
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