Anthony Atala is director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (NC, USA) and founding member of the Regenerative Medicine Manufacturing Society (RMMS). In this interview, conducted at the World Stem Cell Summit, he explains why the Society was necessary.

In a press release ahead of the World Stem Cell Summit, Atala explained: “Regenerative medicine therapies are already benefiting small groups of patients through clinical trials.

“While there is still much to accomplish scientifically, the field is at a tipping point. If we are going to bring high quality, cost-effective therapies to patients, now is the time to begin the important work of developing the manufacturing processes. Collaboration between stakeholders is vital to success.”

What are the challenges in manufacturing regenerative medicine?

One of the major challenges for the regenerative medicine field is the ability to automate manufacturing for technologies that are often personalized and to do so in an effective manner that can allow for products to be scaled up at a reduced cost…

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