Early Bird Rate Ends November 15th, 2018!

Miami, FL, Oct. 19, 2018  — The wait is over! Global leaders in advanced therapies, regenerative medicine and the stem cell field can register now for the co-located Phacilitate Leaders World and World Stem Cell Summit (WSCS) at the Hyatt Regency Miami, January 22-25, 2019.

Phacilitate and the Regenerative Medicine Foundation (RMF) announced that registration is now open and early bird rates will be available until November 15th, 2018. Four meetings within one streamlined partnering event provide senior professionals and stakeholders in cell, gene and immunotherapy new and expanded opportunities for strategic insight and unparalleled business and professional networking. Register now so you do not miss 2019’s largest advanced therapies, transdisciplinary partnering event.

New and enhanced opportunities include:

  • Asia Pavilion, where attendees gain strategies for globalization and the essentials of business and regulation in Japan, China and South Korea
  • Phacilitate:TALKS will inspire your work long after you leave Miami. Delivered on the exhibition floor without slides, inspiring speakers and leaders will describe the future, including astonishing breakthroughs, species-altering events, amazing technologies and inspiring patient narratives. Hosted by Anemocyte.
  • The Clinical Hub, an experiential hub focusing on “big picture” goals: improving patient outcomes and changing the standard of healthcare. Themes include medical economics, patient outcomes, pricing and reimbursement models and patient logistics.
  • Ethics and Policy, discussions focused on regulation, registries, standardization, bioethics, societal roadblocks and solutions, all impacting the delivery of lifesaving treatments and cures
  • Regenerative Medicine in the Clinic, sessions aimed at educating clinicians and patients on what is available for regenerative treatments in the “here and now”


The ambitious and comprehensive agenda will inform attendees about all aspects driving the commercialization of advanced therapies on topics including stem cells, immuno-oncology, cord blood, regulatory pathways, reimbursement, research and development, emerging science, translation and clinical trials, cell manufacturing, regenerative medicine in the clinic, ethics and regulation, patient advocacy, funding and many more. Expert luncheons will facilitate intimate conversations with industry leaders and potential funders. Special networking events and celebrations include the Phacilitate Leaders World 15th Anniversary welcome reception, the prestigious 14th annual Stem Cell Action & Regenerative Medicine Awards Gala Dinner and a yacht party to benefit the Emily Whitehead Foundation.

According to Bernard Siegel, founder and co-chair of the World Stem Cell Summit, “Stem cells, regenerative medicine, and advanced therapies represent the future of medicine and the potential to relieve sickness and suffering, produce healthy longevity, and spark unpredictable societal benefits impacting all life. The vast convergence of technologies is fostering a trillion dollar biomedical, industrial revolution that is changing the world. Such an important cause mandates super-additive collaboration of the highest kind; one that lays the foundation for prosperity, and cures. The Summit breaks down silos offering the ideal forum, in a beautiful setting, for our global audience to collect the contacts and opportunities they need to advance their most important goals.”

“We decided early in our planning that the success of this year’s Phacilitate would be built on setting up the right partnerships to unite the industry and creating an unforgettable and enjoyable experience for all attendees. Every member of our team leads with a partnership-first approach resulting in an unparalleled experience and networking opportunities for Phacilitate and World Stem Cell Summit attendees,” said Michael Adeniya, Director of Advanced Therapies at Phacilitate.

The combined 15th Annual Cell & Gene Therapy World, 14th Annual World Stem Cell Summit, Immuno-Oncology Frontiers World and Cord Blood & Perinatal Stem Cells Summit will bring the advanced therapies communities together for a revolutionary gathering in Miami, Florida. In January 2018, the meeting brought together 1,550 attendees from 35 countries with 100 exhibitors. Phacilitate Leaders World was honored to receive the award for ‘Best Global Conference at the 2018 AEO Awards in London. This year, Phacilitate and RMF expect to attract 2,000 attendees, 150 exhibitors and 300 speakers representing every major stakeholder group. For the latest additions to the agenda and world-renowned speakers, visit http://www.phacilitate-leaders-world.com/. To download a brochure with pricing and agenda information at a glance, visit http://www.phacilitate-leaders-world.com/conference/event-brochure.

About Phacilitate
Phacilitate believes in the power of partnerships and that through collaboration, anything can be achieved. By fostering the community and bringing together a diverse range of expertise from across the advanced therapies ecosystem, Phacilitate is creating a network of partnerships that brings the industry closer to achieving the ultimate goal of improving patient care and developing commercially viable curative treatments. This is the future of healthcare. Phacilitate unites people through award-winning events, which focus on the business and the science of advanced therapies, creating unforgettable experiences and memories to connect and inspire. Phacilitate Leaders World, Phacilitate Leaders Europe and the Advanced Cell Therapy Shanghai Summit, are the pillars of the calendar and bring together the entire advanced therapies ecosystem. For more information about Phacilitate, please visit: phacilitate.co.uk.

About the Regenerative Medicine Foundation (RMF)
The nonprofit Regenerative Medicine Foundation fosters strategic collaborations to accelerate the development of regenerative medicine to improve health and deliver cures. RMF pursues its mission by producing its flagship World Stem Cell Summit, honoring leaders through the Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Action Awards, co-publishing World Stem Cell Report with AlphaMed Press, and promoting educational initiatives. For more information about RMF, please visit: regmedfoundation.org.

About the World Stem Cell Summit (WSCS)
Produced by the non-profit Regenerative Medicine Foundation (RMF), and in its 14th year, the World Stem Cell Summit 2019 is co-located with the Phacilitate Leadership Forum, Cell & Gene Therapy World, Immuno-Oncology Frontiers World and Cord Blood & Perinatal Stem Cells Summit conferences. It is the most inclusive and expansive interdisciplinary, networking, and partnering meeting in the stem cell science and regenerative medicine field. With the overarching purpose of fostering biomedical research, funding, and investments targeting cures, the Summit and co-located conferences serve a diverse ecosystem of stakeholders. For more information about the 14th World Stem Cell Summit (WSCS), please visit: worldstemcellsummit.com.

Media Contact:
Howard R Miller
Regenerative Medicine Foundation & Phacilitate Leaders World