Dear Colleagues,

For 16 years, I have been engaged in creating trans-disciplinary conferences aimed at advancing regenerative medicine, stem cell research and advanced therapies. The overarching mission is to improve health and deliver cures.

We all know that this is a global effort and to succeed all stakeholders must understand the engines driving the field. Therefore, the Regenerative Medicine Foundation and Phacilitate have teamed up to produce the combined event- World Stem Cell Summit-CHINA and Phacilitate Leaders Asia taking place, October15-16, at the Kerry Hotel Pudong Shanghai. A fabulous pre-day program, including facility tour, is planned for October 14th.

To those stakeholders in North America and Europe, I respectfully suggest that the best way (if not the only way) to understand the immensity of advanced therapies in China and the rest of Asia, is to see it first hand. There is no substitute.

To our colleagues in China, Japan and South Korea, your conference organizers believe that providing this forum in Shanghai affords you the very best opportunity to engage directly with investors and potential collaborators from the rest of the world. You will understand the forces driving this field forward in North America and Europe.

At a moment of global trade tensions, the Shanghai conference will bring the regenerative medicine communities from around the world the very best opportunity to share information and forge new collaborations. All in the spirit of friendship.

Recent announcements have peaked interest in the region. The latest news that approved products in the US will be made immediately available in China for certain therapeutic areas represents a multi-billion dollar opportunity for Western Biotech. How can foreign companies navigate Chinese rules and regulations?

The Chinese government has invested heavily in developing scientific infrastructure. In addition to a massive patient population, the ability to conduct high quality trials to a high standard has changed in the last few years. Senior executives who had board level roles at Novartis, Pfizer, Kite and other companies have relocated to China to take up positions in rapidly growing biotech companies.

China, Japan and South Korea are collectively deploying billions into state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that dwarf Western equivalents. It is thought that this will lead to a reduction in cost of goods sold that will improve the business case for advanced therapies.

Cross-border investment, in cell and tissue-based product industry, is immense. Will that continue in the future? How can we preserve these investments and flourish?

The best way to lay a foundation of understanding is to attend the combined World Stem Cell Summit-CHINA and Phacilitate Leaders Asia. Regenerative Medicine Foundation and Phacilitate have a combined 30-years experience in producing the highest quality events in our field.


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Bernard Siegel, J.D.
Creator and Co-Chair, World Stem Cell Summit
Executive Director, Regenerative Medicine Foundation