RMF’s Bernie Siegel welcomes Jay Feinberg, founder and CEO of the Gift of Life Marrow Registry, to share his inspiring story, which began in 1991 as a bone marrow transplant recipient. Jay’s experience in finding a match ultimately led to his mission to expand the registry to include all under-represented groups, so that every patient has an equal opportunity and the chance for a cure.

0:17 Introduction
1:01 Jay’s leukemia diagnosis
2:04 Difficulty in finding a genetic match
3:50 Grassroots origins of Gift of Life Marrow Registry
5:48 The donor who saved Jay’s life
9:16 Next steps – paying it forward
10:30 Growing the registry and demystifying the donation process
14:12 Center for Cell and Gene Therapy with lab and biobank
16:34 Impact on saving lives
18:12 Key take-away message