Stemmy the Stem Cell

Stemmy The Stem Cell

Stemmy The Stem Cell

Ambassador for Stem Cell Research

Stemmy the Stem Cell came on the scene in 2020 to assist with Prop 14 in California. This statewide ballot initiative, passed successfully with Stemmy’s help, secured $5.5 billion in funds “to allow California’s stem cell research institute to continue funding stem cell and other vital research to develop treatments and cures for serious diseases and conditions like diabetes, cancer, HIV/AIDs, heart disease, paralysis, blindness, kidney disease, respiratory illnesses, and many more.”

Stemmy doesn’t like to brag, but his accomplishments include Increasing our understanding of how diseases occur; generating healthy cells to replace diseased cells (known as Regenerative Medicine); and helping us test new drugs for safety and effectiveness.

Stemmy’s desire to expand on his already excellent work serving as a research subject and part of potential treatments or cures led him to get involved in politics and public policy. He shines as a great communicator about how stem cell research can help just about everyone, and how important it is to fund such research adequately so the world can reap all the benefits of these wonderful cells. We’re glad his efforts led to the successful passage of Prop 14 so Stemmy can get back to his main work of improving medical treatments and saving lives.